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Online Courses

For Formal, Informal and Homeschool Educators

If you are an adult and want to provide Cubes in Space to one or one thousand students, we have "use at your own pace" online training and course materials for you. Use the resources to help students design creative, high-quality experiments and write proposals to submit to be considered for a spot on a NASA sounding rocket or scientific balloon mission.

Big Science in Little Cubes

It is ALWAYS free to submit an Application for Spaceflight!

Message from the Program Founder, Amber Agee-DeHart

Welcome to Cubes in Space!  We appreciate your interest in the program, and we hope you and your students thoroughly enjoy the experience.

This year brings many changes and new additions.  For those that participated previously, the most obvious change is the online course platform Thinkific.  Since it is our first time ever using this platform, and it was a huge endeavor to migrate over to Thinkific, we may experience a few glitches at the onset.  We ask for your patience as we may need to tweak here and there - it’s a learning curve for us too! 

With this seventh year of Cubes in Space (we know - seven!), we had to implement a new business model to sustain the program.  There are now four course offerings with different cost structures.  We still have a FREE program, and it will always be free to submit Intent to Fly Forms and Applications for Spaceflight.  In addition, we have  BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM courses that differ in the amount of curricula and support resources provided.  We are now providing a professional training certificate with two of the packages - that’s an exciting addition!  The different course packages will provide the revenue we need to pay for launch and operational costs for the program.  We did struggle with this decision, but there was no other choice if we wanted to continue the program for you and your students. (Below are 2020 course offerings.  New program and course offerings will be posted in October 2020.) 

You will see a new look to the curriculum, presentations, videos and the Student Science and Engineering Notebooks.  And of course, there is a big change to how the courses look.  We hope you find the course easy to navigate.  As usual, we welcome constructive feedback to continuously improve the program for you.  

Dive in and get oriented with the new format and materials. We are tremendously excited and grateful to have you join this global Cubes in Space community!  

Join Us!

Join our global community of extraordinary educators who share your passion for providing students authentic project-based learning experiences.

Ingenuity Taking Flight!

Cubes in Space is offered by idoodlEdu inc., in collaboration with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Wallops Flight Facility, NASA's Langley Research Center and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.