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  • Educator Toolkit

    The Design Toolkit is 120+ pages chock full of educator guides, step-by-step lessons, hands-on activities, student printables, and fun airborne science graphics (yes, they can be lot of nerdy fun!)

  • Science Notebooks

    Scientists and engineers use notebooks. But ours is NOT uber-technical or boring! Used sequentially, the Science and Engineering Notebook guides student learning, research and design.

  • Discussion Forums

    There are forums associated with the six course module topics AND a forum just for Application for Spaceflight questions. Have questions? The Cubes in Space community has answers!

Comprehensive Curriculum

This course provides the full, downloadable curriculum that takes you through the process of delivering the Cubes in Space program to one or one thousand students. Resources, printables and how-to instructionsare included to guide students to complete their Applications for Spaceflight.

Is this course for me?

This course may be all you need if:

  • You've never participated in Cubes in Space before

  • You want the latest versions of the Educator Design Toolkit and Student Notebook

  • You want to engage with the Cubes in Space team and other educators via discussion forums

  • You love us and want to help sustain the program (#GuiltTripAlert)

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Want More Resources or a Guaranteed Cube?

Whether you want a Professional Development Training Certificate, more presentations and videos to use with your students, or a guaranteed cube on the mission of your choice, here are two more options!

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Compare Course Features

We have four different course options and price points to meet your budget and instructional needs. For the price magazine subscription or a dinner for two, you get access to a bounty of resources, hands-on activities for students, and a 100+ page curriculum to use in the classroom or as part of a STEM program. NOTE: There are a limited number of guaranteed cubes that we offer, so spots are limited in the Premium course.