What's Included

  • Key Documents

    You will have the essential documents, and resources to assist your students in the design of their experiment and to submit the Application for Spaceflight.

  • Content LInks

    We will get you pointed in the right direction with a list of NASA and other STEM-related links to prepare students to design and propose experiments.

  • Application for Spaceflight

    It is always free to submit an Application for Space. When the application system opens, you will receive links to your dedicated Drive folder and Application for Spaceflight.

Just What You Need

With this free and self-guided program, you are provided with essential documents and links to content to assist students submitting an Application for Spaceflight.

Is this program for me?

This course may be all you need if:

  • You have participated in two or more years of Cubes in Space

  • Your students' Applications for Spaceflight were accepted with VERY FEW required changes

  • You are a STEM education beast

  • You have submitted scientific proposals in the past

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