What's Included

  • Curriculum and All Resources

    The entire curriculum, catalog of media resources, printables, online training, hands-on activities, assessments, rubrics and student notebook downloads are all at your fingertips! Yep, we think it's awesome too!

  • PD Training Certificate

    Deepen your knowledge about Airborne Science, Engineering Science, and learn and practice a systems thinking approach to instruction with this course AND earn a Professional Development certificate too!

  • Guaranteed Cube in Space

    It's just what it sounds like - we guarantee that you will have a cube that launches on NASA sounding rocket or scientific balloon. Perfect if you are a school, grandparent, science center coordinator or CEO (or human)!

Fly It!

All experiments and cube contents MUST meet NASA's strict requirements, constraints and regulations. We do reserve the right to "ground" your cube if contents violate NASA's policies and regulations.

Is this package for me?

This may be perfect for you if:

  • You are an educator or school administrator and want to guarantee a spot on the mission of choice for your students' experiment

  • You are a STEM organization that wants to join our program AND ensure you have a cube for your participants

  • You want to send mementos into space for a special someone (pets LOVE gifts from space - kidding)

  • You are a total space nerd and want to send something into space for yourself (It's okay - it's your birthday this year!)

Terms and Conditions

The purchaser of the PREMIUM Package agrees with, and will comply with the following conditions of the Cubes in Space™ guaranteed cube:

  • The PURCHASER may not sell, resell or commission for resell through any third party, the allotment of the Cubes in Space cube.
  • The PURCHASER may, if they wish, charge a nominal fee for project materials supporting the program of the PREMIUM Package. Example of project materials are printout costs, experiment material costs, club fees, etc. 
  • The Cubes in Space curriculum supplied to the educators by idoodledu inc. is trademarked and is the property of idoodledu inc. No license to any content is inferred by the purchase of the PREMIUM Package. The content may be used by the educator for the express use of supporting the Cubes in Space program and may not be used for any other purpose.
  • No resale of the Cubes in Space content is allowed except where a printed version is offered by the educator to the program participants. In this case a nominal print charge may be levied by the educator.  
  • The PURCHASER may donate or give away the cube allocation to a third party group such as a school or a youth club but the PURCHASER must have the transfer approved by idoodledu inc prior to the donation. Such approval will not be unreasonably withheld by idoodledu inc.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the cancellation of the cube allotment of the space launch. If this occurs the PURCHASER will not be refunded any portion of the original purchase price.