What's Included

  • New Presentations and Videos

    Science communication is an integral part of an space mission or STEM program. We love to be creative and develop new media for your training and to use in your classroom out-of-school program for students!

  • Rubrics and Assessments

    New this year is the addition of formative and summative assessments for students and rubrics to help you evaluate their progress. Everyone could use more tools in their instruction and evaluation toolbox - and we deliver!

  • PD Training Certificate

    Deepen your knowledge about Airborne Science, Engineering Science, and learn and practice a systems thinking approach to instruction with this course AND earn a Professional Development certificate too!

A bigger instructional toolbox!

Educators wanted even more resources to use with their students, and now we are able to deliver. And we sweeten the deal with a Professional Development Training certificate to reward the time you invest in learning!

Is this course for me?

This course may be what you need if:

  • This is your first time participating in Cubes in Space

  • You want a full-spectrum instructional package that includes a curriculum, media resources, assessments, rubrics and a bevy of printables!

  • You want to engage in online learning and professional development training - and earn a certificate for your time and effort

  • You really REALLY love us and what to help sustain the program...because it's for the children (#HugeGuiltTripAlert)

Want a guaranteed trip to space!

Whether it is for your student's experiment, a loved one, or your business or organization - you can fly a cube on a NASA sounding rocket or balloon. The full curriculum, resources and Professional Development Training Certificate are also included. *All contents MUST meet NASA requirements and constraints. **Limited availability.

Compare Course Features

We have four different course options and price points to meet your budget and instructional needs. For the price magazine subscription or a dinner for two, you get access to a bounty of resources, hands-on activities for students, and a 100+ page curriculum to use in the classroom or as part of a STEM program. NOTE: There are a limited number of guaranteed cubes that we offer, so spots are limited in the Premium course.