What's Included

  • Curriculum

    160+ colorful pages chock full of educator guides, step-by-step lessons, hands-on activities, printables and fun suborbital science and aerospace graphics (yes, they CAN be a lot of nerdy fun!)

  • Science Notebook

    Scientists and engineers use notebooks. But ours is NOT uber technical and boring! Used sequentially, the Science and Engineering Design Notebook guides student learning, research and design.

  • Discussion Forums

    Connect with other educators and the Cubes in Space Team. Topic-specific modules allow you to ask questions or share your experiences with the program. There is also an Application for Spaceflight forum for extra help!

  • Presentations and Videos

    Science communication is an integral part of a space mission or STEM program. We love to be created and develop new media for your instruction and to use with your students. Google Slides, MS PowerPoint and videos - oh my!

  • Assessments

    Integrating Cubes in Space into your curriculum? We've developed a series of formative and summative assessments for content modules. From exit tickets to projects, we deliver assessments to help you gauge student learning and understanding.

  • Professional Development Certificate

    Deepen your knowledge about suborbital science, engineering and aerospace concepts. Learn and practice a system thinking approach to instruction. If your students submit an Intent to Fly Form, you earn a Professional Development Certificate.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Get Your Bearings

    • What IS Cubes in Space?

    • Our Approach

    • What Students Will Be Doing

    • Application for Spaceflight Process - 2022

    • About Us - Part 1 (video enhanced audio)

    • About Us - Part 2 (video enhanced audio)

    • How the Program Works for Educators!

  3. 3
    • What's the Question - Introduction

    • Module 1 - What's the Question?

    • Suborbital Science Fact Sheets

    • Module 1 - Formative Assessments

    • Module 1 PowerPoint Resource

    • VIDEO Instruction - Introduction to Systems Thinking and Diagramming Part 1

  4. 4
  5. 5
    • It IS Rocket Science! - Introduction

    • Module 3 - It IS Rocket Science: Instructional Videos and Video Resources

    • Module 3 - It IS Rocket Science! _ Instructional Resource

    • Module 3 - It IS Rocket Science! Assessments

    • Module 3 - Paper Rocket Vehicle Performance Project (Summative Assessment)

  6. 6
    • Big Balloons = Big Science Introduction

    • Module 4 - Big Balloons = Big Science!

    • Module 4 - Instructional Resource - PowerPoint Presentation

    • Resource - Research Balloon Mission Video - Part 1

    • Resource - Research Balloon Flight Profile and Conditions - Part 2

    • Module 4 - Scientific Balloon Mission - Comprehensive Overview (19 minutes)

    • RB-3 & RB-4 Launch Video - 2018

  7. 7

Cubes in Space Standard Course

Everything you need to learn the content and guide students' learning! Such a great value :)