1. If you enroll in the FREE program but do not complete the Pre-Program Survey within 14 days (2 weeks) starting the course, you will be removed (unenrolled) from the program.  

2. If you are registering as a company, you must be an organization that directly serves students ages 11-18 years of age NOT attending university.  

3. You may not charge a fee to host the Cubes in Space program that includes but it not limited to workshops, camps, professional development and training, or any online/remote learning event or course. Violation of this policy will result in removal from the program permanently and refusal to fly student experiments.  If you wish to host the program, please contact us in regards to a partnership agreement.

4. Portraying that your organization has a formal relationship or partnership with NASA is forbidden and will result in removal from the program and refusal to fly student experiments.  

5. You may not use the NASA insignia (the logo is called the 'meatball") on any form of media which includes but is not limited to websites, webpages, flyers, blogs, posters, news articles, and promotional materials.   

6.  Inactivity of more than 30 days in the FREE program will result unenrollment; however, you will still have an account. All of your content and data will be lost including survey information.  If the enrollment deadline has not occurred, you may re-enroll in the program.  However, you will need to complete another Pre-Program Survey as the system treats you as a new participant.